Revive & Restore profiles the Yoder Lab’s “genomic inventory” of Joshua trees

Revive & Restore, a nonprofit devoted to supporting the application of genomic data in conservation biology, funded the Yoder Lab’s sequencing of 300 Joshua tree genomes in a “genomic inventory” of the species as part of their Wild Genomes initiative. In the spring of 2021, Yoder Lab members fanned out across the Mojave Desert to…

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The Yoder Lab is officially NSF-funded!

I’m delighted to finally, officially announce that the lab has received funding from the National Science Foundation — for a big, collaborative endeavor we’ve been calling the Joshua Tree Genome Project. Collaborative grants to us here at CSUN and to Chris Smith’s lab at Willamette University, with subawards to collaborators at USGS and the Universities of…

Postdoctoral research with the Yoder Lab

In addition to recruiting graduate students, the Yoder Lab is open to postdoctoral researchers interested in coevolution and ecological genomics. I don’t currently have funding designated to support postdocs, but I’m eager to work with prospective postdoctoral researchers to apply for independent funding through one of the opportunities listed below, or another of your choosing.